My Approach

I have no idea what will happen when we work together. Does that scare you?

My approach is to go with the flow of whatever is needed, doing away with prescribed program plans and adapting, in the moment, to whatever arrives. With an open, non-judgmental attitude, I create a magical playground where you come as you are and leave transformed… whether that means a shift in perspective, energy level, or attitude, whether that means creating a ritual for closure or welcoming a transition, whether that means creating a work of art and learning something new about yourself.

I am an Expressive Arts Therapist, trained at the The CREATE Institute and with a Master’s from the European Graduate School. I hold a Bachelor’s in Drama from the University of Guelph, ATCL in Speech and Drama from Trinity Guildhall and Professional Certificate in Communication Skills. But my love is improvisational theatre. I’ve trained with Impatient Theatre Company, Artistic New Directions, and Second City, as well as trained in clowning with Paola Colletto and Patch Adams.

In my arts practice, I have created and performed improvisational and interactive one-woman plays, such as Laurentina’s Funhouse, the story of a circus performer who always wanted to run away and become an accountant; and Kalgaar, the cult recruitment speech. I have toured Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, Hawaii, and more, as a performer and teacher.

Though by all accounts I may seem very creative, at the same time I am very systematic, and I love math and grammar. I have extensive theories about life, the universe, and everything, and am just as excited to discuss big-picture issues as I am to get on my feet and make something up (and I can do both at the same time.) I look forward to hearing about whatever is on your mind, and seeing if we can sing, dance, make a story, or improvise our way into turning your turmoil into a beautiful work of art.


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