Programs and Fees

Creativity Enhancement

  • Use the power (and fun!) of the arts to equip yourself to face whatever presents itself in your personal, professional, social, and general life. Whether you’re a professional performer or aspiring to be more creative, you can bring your goals to work with your own personal trainer of creativity.

“Toronto is my Playground” Program

  • Visit the AGO, ROM, and hidden treasures around town to see and experience things you never knew about your own city, and yourself! For example: Follow clues among dinosaur bones, have a deep conversation with a painting, and re-imagine your home or work space as a place full of exciting surprises.

Expressive Arts Therapy

  • Activate your senses and tune in to your emotions. We not only talk about difficulties, we actively engage in artistic practices that give us a bodily and emotional relationship to what we’re going through. By engaging in play and the arts, we are taken into the world of the imagination, where we see possibilities that are not evident otherwise. We can find resources that we didn’t know we had and possible solutions that were previously hidden from us.

I offer a free 30-minute phone consultation.

I work with individuals and groups in one-hour sessions. The programs are available on an as-needed basis, or as a course of six sessions. It is optional to continue after a program.

I have access to spaces in various locations across Toronto, and am also available for sessions over Skype.

Each 60-minute session is $100. Some sliding scale options are available.


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