Master Fool, At Your Service

What can you expect to happen when you meet with a Fool? The unexpected! No two meetings are alike, and you can never predict what will happen… or how you will be transformed! Yet you can always set an intention.

Here are some of the services you can reserve with the Fool…

Curiosity Coaching

  • The Fool approaches everything with curiosity and openness. Whatever you want to talk about, let the Fool’s questions guide you to new understanding and ideas. Described as a “brain spa”, this experience can lead to clarifying your thoughts, getting to know yourself better, brainstorming new possibilities, or developing a plan, among other possibilities. It also feels amazing to be heard and talk about your favourite thing — or gain a new appreciation for something that previously felt stuck!

Personalized Happiness Enhancement

  • Take advantage of over twenty years’ experience of a Master Fool to bring delight to your senses! As a performer and Expressive Arts Therapist, I’m happy to entertain you while bringing to life stories about your dreams coming true, re-enactments of moments from your past, and empowering role-plays where you get to say exactly what you wish you could… or pretend to be someone you’d never understood before. Boost your mood, bring laughter and insight with an improvised performance tailored to you!


  • I’m not a psychic — but you can ask me anything, and I’ll give you an answer! It may not be the “right” answer, if such a thing exists — yet it will open up possibilities for us to explore. You can ask as many questions as you’d like! Envision a new future; outsource difficult decision-making; explore the meaning of life, the universe, or whether that guy in the cafe likes you. By noticing your responses to hearing my answers, you may well discover that you had the answers all along…

Ritual Design & Facilitation

  • Rituals help mark life transitions – birth, death, coming of age, wedding. And they can also be powerful markers of time – homecoming, graduation, holidays. Rituals can be used to honour and bring witness to important life events – job transition, break-up, moving, big birthday, turning a new chapter in life. By giving pause during these moments and setting intentions for what’s ahead, you can bring peace and dignity to the process. Lauren can help you plan your own ritual from scratch, whether you wish to carry it out on your own, in a session, or invite witnesses and have Lauren facilitate. Book a 50-minute session to discuss your needs and goals, and from there we will determine next steps.

All services are available for individuals or groups. Sessions last 50 or 80 minutes. We can meet by phone, online video, or in person in Guelph. Sessions are $150 for 50 minutes, $200 for 80 minutes, and $250 for 110 minutes. For questions and scheduling, e-mail