Sometimes creativity can be hard. Take my website, for example. No, seriously. I’m battling technophobia, and for years I’ve put off the task of creating a website to explain who I am, what my services are, and why I’m awesome enough to hire. Then one night, I say to myself, “Screw this procrastination,” and I copy somebody else’s website layout, replacing all the stuff about him with stuff about myself, and boom! Task finished.

Don’t you love nights like that? Don’t you love that feeling of accomplishment, that sense of a burden becoming… unburdened? Don’t you wish your life felt like that more often?


Hi. I’m Lauren. I’m a wild and creative person, passionate and very easily excited. My enthusiasm can be contagious. I have a knack for opening people up to their own creativity, increasing confidence and helping them tackle their world of whatever-needs-tackling. My goals are to give people tools to navigate this crazy world (such as flexibility and humour), tuning them in to their own resources (such as their sensitivity and inner wisdom), and to be authentic with people. (For example, I’m awkward at ending phone conversations. “So, um… I guess that means goodbye now…” You know what I mean? Are you like that too?) I invite others to be authentic and honest with me, as well as with themselves.

So, feel free to look around. By now you may have a good idea of whether you like my style and think it would be fun to work together. Either way, I wish you the best of luck on your travels!

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