Why Hire Lauren?

These are just some of the reasons people have worked with me:

“I finally have space to work from home, but I’m not motivated to be here. I want to be more productive and creative.”

  • By asking the question, “What does this space want?”, we imagined new possibilities for its look and feel. We strategically re-arranged mirrors, put up scarves to cover windows, and changed the layout of the desk and chair. We gave the space a name and envisioned what could be done in it. After my visit, she installed doorway curtains, re-organized the bookshelf, and redecorated with great enthusiasm — a task she had been putting off for a year.

“I haven’t touched this script in years, but I’ve always wanted to do something with it.”

  • We embodied characters, wrote letters to and from them, found out more about their histories and motivations. New scenes were created to give more depth. Within six sessions, the play was re-written with more actions, variety, and greater empathy for the characters.

“It’s our anniversary, and we want to create something together.”

  • Through drawing, story-telling, singing, movement, and drumming, we created an “Origin Story” and its ritual telling. The couple discovered metaphors for their relationship and worked in an artistic way analogous to they way they work together as a couple.

Here are some of the things people have said about my Creativity Enhancement program:

After having 6 sessions with Lauren, I am in awe of her ability to squeeze out my creative juices and inspire me to play.  Lauren is a Creativity Juicer 🙂
EVERY session was unique, fun and fruitful.  
She has the wisdom to know when to hold space and when to pull tricks out of her toolbox.  This skillful balance created the perfect environment for me to create my own magical experience… And then she gave me tools so that I could continue creating these experiences on my own.
Lauren’s compassion, professionalism and playfulness made me feel safe to step out of my comfort zone which opened me up in surprising ways.  
The practical exercises I did between sessions were incredibly helpful and without her support and encouragement, I may not have had the motivation to practice…and one significant thing I learned from the whole journey is the importance of practising…and how simple and fun it can be to incorporate these tools into my everyday life.  
I cannot express enough how valuable her ongoing support, knowledge and facilitation have been for me personally, professionally and spiritually.
Lauren helped me to see how I was holding back in my own creativity, both within my mind and within my live/work space. The 6 sessions I did with her opened a big door for me. The effects of the creative process she took me through have transferred exponentially into my work. One year later, I am now creating spaces for other people!
Kia Park, Sensuality Coach


This experience is unique, and useful beyond-the-telling for a writer-and-actor. Each session was masterfully planned to meet my goals, which at Ms Stein’s request I submitted to her well in advance of starting the course, thus affording her the opportunity to craft this course to meet my specific needs.
What did I learn?
 First—a series of techniques to enhance my right brain. Did they work? Absolutely! I haven’t given myself “permission” to act silly, to actively practice on-my-feet story-telling—until now! The take-it-back, the misnaming of objects, the weave-actions-into-an-improv-story, the animal masks—these exercises now constitute my creativity-enhancing toolkit. I use them. They work. I’m more creative in story-crafting. Equally important to both writing and acting, I’m gaining more emotional acuity. I think in the language of emotion now, I speak it, as I never could before.

Second—our discussions about emotions and personal interactions—in life itself no less than as they pertain to acting and to writing—these discussions have increased my empathy, my understanding of human behaviour, skills every bit as important in daily life as they are in artistic pursuits.

This experience—this course with Lauren Stein—has changed me, helped me grow. It has enhanced how I experience life, how I write, and how I approach acting on stage. The metaphor of teaching a person how to fish comes to mind. I have learned how to enhance my creativity. I have learned how to fish. . . .

I strongly recommend this experience for those who write and those who act.

John R Hewson, MD, Professor Emeritus, Novelist, Playwright, Musician, Actor

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